3D Graphics

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3D models import and 3ds max exporter

Build lifelike 3D scenes by combining a large range of objects: 3D models, lights, cameras, characters, particle systems, zones, paths, etc. The 3D engine also supports realistic vegetation through the SpeedTree® technology. Inscape supports a large number of standard 3D formats and will surely be able to load your existing models without more effort. All editions come with a 3DS Max plug-in to export models and characters to the native format of the 3D engine, the most optimal way to display complex geometries. Read more...

3D effects

Combine different types of lights, configure shadows, set hour of the day, add atmospheric effects and precipitations to create stylized of realistic ambiances in your 3D scene. Read more...

3D characters

Create scripted or interactive character behaviours by combining poses, motion captures, trajectories or hand-made animations. Save a lot of money by re-using the same animation on every character, the animation system automatically adapts the motion to any character morphology. Read more...

Real-time physics simulation

Configure real-time physics in a few seconds to simulate ultra realistic animations and collisions. Inscape uses the NVidia PhysX® library and manages static and movable objects. Characters can be controlled in real-time and collide naturally with their environment. Read more...

Integrated 3D model edition

Detach parts of complex objects directly in the 3D editor to create independent objects that can be hidden or animated like any other entity.

Believable character faces

Use a set of predefined high-level variables to reflect the characters' feelings and animate their face while talking (lip-synch). Read more...

Post-processing effects

Pick among a large variety of shaders to add real-time screen effects such as depth of field, anti-aliasing, night vision and much more.

3D character library

The very large character library contains more than a hundred women and men with different clothing styles: street wear, stylish, sports, military ...

Stereoscopic rendering

Inscape supports many hardware and software stereoscopic rendering methods. Read more...



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Video files

Display windowed or full screen 2D video files or onto 3D quads directly integrated into your 3D environments. Inscape can read all the video file formats and codec supported by the system. Read more...

Webcam live streams

Display a live video stream of the connected webcams as a separate view, in background of your virtual scene or in full screen. Read more...


Play stereo sounds such as music, dialogues, ambient sounds, etc. Read more...

3D sounds

Play spatialized sounds to reproduce realistic environments. Sounds are attenuated depending on their distance and panned depending on their orientation. Read more...



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Standard input devices

Interact with keyboard, mouse and generic input devices (joysticks, gamepads). The entity library provides a comprehensive set of ready-to-use interaction metaphors. Read more...

Nintendo® Wiimote

Simply plug your Wiimote device to your computer to benefit from intuitive interactions. Read more...

Kinect™ for Windows®

Inscape fully supports Kinect for Windows, including multi-participants near mode, skeleton access, and a set of high-level interaction metaphors such as swipe or wave.

VRPN devices

Connect any device (*) compatible with VRPN (open source Virtual Reality library) to interact with objects and cameras.(*) Some unusual devices may require additional work, contact us for more information. Read more...


Creating amazing immersive simulations has never been so easy. In one mouse click, benefit from ultra realistic stereoscopic VR environments of the Oculus Rift headset. Read more...


User Interface

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User Interface Designer

User interfaces can be designed with Qt® Designer and edited on-the-fly, they are automatically reloaded in the editor. A very comprehensive list of widgets is available, from simple labels and images to complex wizards, hierarchical tree views and many more. You can write your own style sheets to give your application a unique look and feel. Read more...

2D widgets

Add 2D Widgets in a few minutes around or on overlay of your 3D scenes to create modern and efficient user interfaces. Read more...

3D widgets

Add Widgets mapped onto 3D quads directly integrated into your 3D environments. Read more...

Interactive Quizzes

Inscape provides a dedicated module to manage interactive quizzes. They can be displayed as 3d objects and support several y types of questions and notation schemes. When quiz is completed, Synapse offers simple ways to retrieve the score and design the appropriate response (display good answers, continue with another quiz, display more information, etc.). Read more...


Scenario Editor

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Graphical programming

Easily create interactive scenarios and behaviours using Synapse Editor. Behaviours are defined by tasks that you drag and drop from the library. Link tasks together to define linear, interactive or event-based logics and exchange data between them. Define logics and interactivity using smart visual objects right into the 3D scenes such as Proximity and Delay Triggers. You can create your own tasks by aggregating existing ones and defining links between them. Once you're happy with it, add it to the library and use it later like any other task. Read more...

Task library

Inscape comes with hundreds of predefined logics, from simple mathematical and logic operators to autonomous cameras, interaction metaphors or other advanced behaviours. Read more...

Visual debugging

Visual debugging makes your understand when and why a behaviour is triggered. You can visualize active behaviours but also see the data exchange between tasks and inspect input and output variables. Behaviours can also be triggered manually to quickly test a particular section of your application. Modify the logic of the application while it's playing. You can change dynamically the links between the tasks, and each modification on a lua script is taken into account immediately. This feature makes it particularly easy to define and tune your behaviours. Read more...

Compound entities

Use Compound entities to design your own interactive objects - animated vehicles, autonomous characters, smart props, etc. - by combining existing ones. Define re-usable logics and add your entity to the library for later re-use. Read more...

Lua add-ons

The Lua scripting language contains hundreds of additional modules to extend the capabilities of the language, such as audio, networking, graphics, GUI, Web, text and file processing, database access, AI, mathematical routines, etc. Read more...

Communication with external systems

connect the applications you created to external systems such as web servers, databases, simulators, etc.



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Runtime free publication

Publish your projects once and run them on any machine without any restriction. Published projects require no runtime licenses or 3rd party software.(*) Except for some specific additional modules, please contact us for more details Read more...

Publish playable projects

Publish projects for targets already having the Inscape Player installed.

Publish standalone applications for Windows®

Publish projects as standalone applications for Windows®XP, 7, 8.

Video export

Export your project as a video file. You can define a fixed time step to produce high quality 3d content without any slowdown. Read more...

Splash screen customisation

Customize the image displayed during the loading of your published application.

Publish Web applications

Publish projects that you can embed directly into web pages. Anyone can play your project using a web browser.

Web browser communication through JavaScript

Communicate between your published application and the web page containing it to create genuine web applications.

HTTP requests

Communicate with web servers through HTTP requests to access a distributed database, report actions, retrieve information or share content between you and the application users.


Additional Tools

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Localized scenarios

Rapidly create localized scenarios with translation tools.

Text To Speech

Generate localized voices using Text To Speech plug-in.


Licensing and Support

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A comprehensive set of tutorials are available online. Inscape also comes with a complete project demonstrating the use of a large part of the common features.

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Additional modules support

Extend the capabilities of Inscape via additional modules.

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