First of all, we would like to thank all the visitors we met on our stand and with whom we had very fruitful exchanges. 2014 will be the Year of Augmented Reality. DIGINEXT collaborates with industries delivering an operational toolset (Cortona3D/Inscape) for a rich and efficient production of AR applications.  

We have presented 3D interactive application with Stereoscopy and Augmented Reality:

3D interactive environment with pad navigation for discovering the equipment (scale 1) and accessing all existing multimedia content (Next Generation Elearning System).

Rich AR application for part location, media access, step by step3D removal discovering on reality.

You will find the demonstration video on our YouTube channel here.



The conference on DIGINEXT products (Cortona3D/Inscape) for Industries & Augmented Reality has been a great success. Previous “Round Table” was a feedback on some experiences on AR mock-ups for technical documentation and training. Also, one of the products of the site DIGINEXT explained that tools already exist for operational production by non technical but domains expert (Airbus produces 3D animations with Cortona3D from more than 5 years for the maintenance manual, now it can be reused on AR via Inscape).












Look at the presentation here.

Virtual Fantasy is the reference student competition in Europe organized at Laval Virtual in the field of Virtual Reality & Converging Technologies.

A team of students (from Ecole Supérieure de Création Interactive Numérique), without knowledge in software programming, participated in this competition using INSCAPE to create in 30 hours non-stop an impressive 3D interactive application exploiting both the Leap Motion and the Oculus Rift systems. Participants have been amazed by how fast and intuitive it has been to create such amazing application without a line of code thanks to INSCAPE.  
  Special thanks to Edouard ANGEBAULT, Eric BARBEDOR, Stacy CHENEVIER, Violaine FAYOLLE (ESCIN) and Mathieu RUFFAT (DIGINEXT) for their efforts and interest.

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